Many Years ago, (2012,) .. Now Widely Recognizable.. a new Face appeared on RC ADVENTURES - Everett, the Fifth Scale Boss! He and I had just met.. and he told me of a far away and #Legendary Race Track out on the Prairies. I followed him in my Red Truck, and he took me out to a country race track I had heard rumours of.. the ONLY 5th scale track near our Big City. I never knew while I was filming this setup (as Gobsmacked as I was that this track existed), that this ranch was the future home of my family, and the RCSparks Studio.

Everrett brought out his HPI 2WD GAS POWERED Race Truck, while Kyle and Kyle's Dad brought out their 1/5th scale Losi 5ive T's. At the time of this filming, LOSi 5ive T's had JUST Been released a few months earlier! It was a privilege for me to create this film.. as it was the very FiRST TiME I had visited this place.. and wanted to create a video that was unique, exciting, and at that time.. Never Seen Before!

This particular video fell victim to FALSE Claims of Music Ownership by Fake Music Networks that plagued YouTube in 2014, and instead of risking a YouTube Strike, even though I owned the rights to the music - I decided at that time that is was in the best intentions of our show to remove the film. YouTube was a very dangerous place at that time, while these vile companies claimed video after video, before they were found out by YouTube.. and banned from the Platform.

Subsequently, as I still own the music in this video.. I have decided to re-release this film.. as I know SO MANY RC ADVENTURERS Missed this particular Video, including Me, Everett.. and Kyle.

Everett emerged this day with a new name I game him.

The #RC FiFTH SCALE BOSS. Watch in this video as Everett helps get an #Engine Rebuilt for Kyle, Fixes His Own Truck.. and Continues to Race with the boys. What a DAY!

And now you know.. the story of how I was introduced to this Ranch - and How #Everett and I formed those beginning days of his Internet #Legacy :)

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