Pixelmon: Let's Go! - EP06 - GROTTOS, SHINY AND LEGENDARY! (Minecraft Pokemon) #PixelmonLetsGo ─ VintageBeef

We go and check out some hidden grottos, catch some pokes, spot another shiny, try our hand at a legendary and I look for my white whale...

Pokemon for Minecraft is back! I had the urge to play Pixelmon again and it turns out that a lot of my friends wanted to play too, so I started this invite only server for us to all play together! Please enjoy the Pixelmon: Let's Go! server!

My resource pack: http://pokecentral.org/adventurepack.zip

Pixelmon: https://reforged.gg/

Thumbnail render by @lavartor24

Pixelmon Let's Go trainers:
Arkas - https://twitch.tv/mc_arkas
Breon - https://twitch.tv/breon
CaptainSparklez - https://youtube.com/CaptainSparklez2
CiscoStu - https://youtube.com/CiscoStu
C8sun - http://youtube.com/CasunGaming
Dahl Dantill - https://youtube.com/DahlDantillLP
Draax - https://youtube.com/Draaxlp
DrJimJim - https://youtube.com/DrJimJim
Etho - https://youtube.com/EthosLab
FalingDutchman - https://youtube.com/falingdutchman
Flouzemaker - https://youtube.com/Flouzemaker
Fnassau - https://youtube.com/Fnassau
Graser - https://youtube.com/Graser
Guude - https://youtube.com/GuudeBoulderfist
HCJustin - https://twitch.tv/hcjustin
Hefaistros - https://twitch.tv/hefaistros
Iskall85 - https://youtube.com/AhlViktor
ItsRitchieW - https://youtube.com/ItsRitchieW
Kiingtong - https://youtube.com/Kiingtong
KingJackOLantern - https://youtube.com/KingJackOLantern
Lapis Lauri - https://twitch.tv/lapis_lauri
MarioMania - https://youtube.com/333aaammm
Mhykol - https://twitch.tv/mhykol
Micheal - https://youtube.com/OmegaGamingLP
MoondustBri - https://youtube.com/briannalovestarblast
Nebris - https://twitch.tv/nebris
Orepros - https://youtube.com/oreprosbonus
PandaFire11 - https://youtube.com/PandaFire11
Phedran - https://twitch.tv/phedran
PisistratusG - https://youtube.com/pisistratusg
PmsProxy - https://twitch.tv/pmsproxy
Runwyld - https://twitch.tv/runwyld
Ryuski - https://twitch.tv/ryuski
sl1pg8r - https://youtube.com/sl1pg8r
Sten_Stone - https://youtube.com/sten_stone
Stressmonster101 - https://youtube.com/Stressmonster101
TheEndless - http://mixer.com/theendless
TheFuzzyMole - https://youtube.com/thefuzzymole
Tiltedwings - https://twitch.tv/tiltedwings_
Unrulybabs - https://twitch.tv/unrulybabs
VintageBeef - https://youtube.com/VintageBeef
Zueljin - https://youtube.com/zueljin


Music by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com)

My info:
Channel - http://www.youtube.com/VintageBeef
Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/vintagebeef
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