NF | The Rich Life | The Search #1 In Album Sales and Multi-Million Dollar Tours ─ Before They Were Famous

NF | The Rich Life | The Search #1 In Album Sales and Multi-Million Dollar Tours
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Before They Were Famous:

The Rich Life:

I like to call NF the silent assassin of the rap game. All of his moves are done behind closed doors and you really don't hear a single thing about him in the press, positive or negative until he releases a song. He never comes with antics and he doesn't post on his socials until it's time for an album to drop. But when he drops, he really drops.
His most recent album The Search landed at #1 on the charts beating out Chance The Rapper's long awaited debut album! And with all of the success and money coming in from his sold out tours, NF enjoys a pretty nice lifestyle.

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