6ix9ine Breaks IG Live Record with 2 Million Views ( FULL VIDEO) King of NY, Gooba & Flexes Wealth ─ Before They Were Famous

6ix9ine Breaks IG Live Record with 2 Million Views ( FULL VIDEO) King of NY, Gooba & Flexes Wealth
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6ix9ine unveiled his comeback single "Gooba" and returned to Instagram Live to a record-breaking 2 million viewers. He's back like nothing happened, counting money, flashing jewelry, flaming people who doubted him, and drawing smoke from other rappers. On IG, Tekashi danced into the picture to the tune of "Bad Boys" by the Kingston reggae group Inner Circle, sporting gaudy chains and dangling handcuffs in front of the camera. What followed was peak Tekashi, a long diatribe about how everyone's jealous because he's doing better than them, and everyone is mad at him because he changed the game. "Gooba" is more of the same, a two-minute middle finger to haters set to a trap beat that sounds like horror-movie music. More in today's video!

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